Monday, May 7, 2012


Assalamualaikum ,Bismillah

hi everybody ;p. Last semester, my favourite subject was IMD 157,which stand for "Communication Skill For Information Professional ". I'm so in love with this subject just because the lecturer is sooooo cool,funny enough,and sporting. Her name is Madam Iffah. You would not getting bored every time you attend her class. Trust me, besides she is the most famous lecturer ever in our faculty.
* enough ,back to the topic*

dalam banyak-banyak topic ada topic pasal ageism. What is ageism? Ageism is the discrimination based on age:usually discrimination against the old and against aging,can refer to any age group.

sometimes people don't realize this. Just remembered last week, I had done this type of discrimination towards my uncle.. Too bad,hahaa.
Uncle: ira,dah smpi mne?..............
me: sampai rumah............ *gila skema taip full sentences sebab takut tak paham*
uncle: w'ky -stands for wokey. see,how advance he is

so,kita tak boleh anggap orang tua ni kena tulis perkatan penuh,kena cakap kuat-kuat dengan dia,certain isu kita tak boleh cerita dengan dia sebab dia tak up to date dengan isu tentang remaja.
 It's totally wrong. Just anggap diorang tu macam biasa.

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