Saturday, May 7, 2016

Book's autograph

I've been blog walking to Dr Beni's blog since few years ago, before he joined the Diagnosis's authors to write a book. After knowing that he will be part of the Diagnosis's team, of course I'm happy, seeing one of my fav bloggers soon to be a book writer. Diagnosis 1 is awesome. It touched my heart reading their stories. With the addition of  a few doctors such as Dr FL,Dr Mahyudin,of course Dr Beni and etc, surely it will be more awesome. And now, their latest book is Apokalips. Wee,,sanggup balik Broga hari tu terus pergi PICC cari Apokalips. ( Will up the Broga's post later).

Nak dijadikan cerita, Khamis lepas emak ada medical follow up dekat IJN. Well yeah, everytime emak naik IJN, i will pass to her Diagnosis 2 just in case emak dapat Dr Beni as her doctor like a last time or she bumps into him. However, every time I passed to her the book, I never put any high expectation because I know the chance of emak getting his autograph is like 0.1 % as emak didn't have a fix doctor in charged and Dr Beni is too busy.(Kalau tak, masa jaga emak di IJN hari tu dah boleh dapat dah sign T.T). So this time I pass to her Apokalips. 

Petang Khamis masa emak jemput dari office, she told me that Dr Beni mc, and then she passed back the book to me. Without any hesitation, I put the book in my bag. Mak asked me to open the book and see what is in the book. Taadaaaa, after so many attempts trying to get his autograph, finally! ;)

Emak said, she didn't get Dr Beni as the doctor in charge for her follow up, but Dr Beni's room is beside the room of the doctor in charged. She even asked a nurse to pass the book. Luls. I love you emak to the moon and back. One author, accomplished. Looking forward for the rest, especially Dr Azah. Her stories inspired and touch me a lot. Such a good start of May & bought another two books published by WhiteCoatEnt, Morfina &Hipnotis . Mehehehe

Till there, happy reading ! xoxo

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