Thursday, June 14, 2012

still looking for


Kejap lagi ada taklimat KO,tapi malas ah nak pergi . Merajuk dengan pihak unit sukan. Wadahek KO hari jumaat. Baru plan nak tukar sukan lain,tapi biasalah batch aku dari dulu,kini dan agaknya selamanya menjadi bahan eksperimen. Sobs.

Trust or not,until now I'm still looking for my identity . Seriously. I don't know,what I'm going to be. Yea I know too bad cause I'm 19 already,student part 3,another 2 semester to finish up my diploma. I always set in my mind, I want to achieve my ambition, make my parents proud  with me,but what the hell if u keep setting in your mind like that, if you don't know what  you are going to be. Yeay blame me.

I always pray to Allah,ask Him the best for me,ask to ease my way,to show me the best path I should follow. I need to change my thought. How long I need to be like this? Please help me Allah

*I miss abang,please do well at there,make we proud with you*

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