Saturday, November 19, 2011


assalamualaikum gojes plus hensem,
bismillahirrahmannirrahim,morning peeps,just a quick update before going back to uitm.

  • gonna miss home,
  • gonna miss my lovely bedroom
  • gonna miss my holidays habit
  • gonna miss all my girlfrends
  • gonna miss my online time (ahaha)
  • gonna miss my sleeping time
  • the most important gonna miss my parents and siblings
and for the new sem
  • i want to study more hard
  • get dean list for this sem,insyaallah
  • do assignment on time
goodbye home,goodbye fesbuk,blogger,twitter,because after this i will rarely online,and hello segamat,hello new roomate,new room,(maybe,because idk who gonna be my roomate,my room,if i get old room,and roomate alhamdulillah),and hello new semester... now i can say :hai,i'm fatynn,DIIM part 2,,ahahhaa,,

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