Saturday, January 8, 2011

last time

last time,we do all of these
snap picture with papan tanda
bersila di atas garisan larian

wear seluar tido waktu siang

candid picture

crying before sit our last spm paper

one of our friends sleep when snapping picture

do wakaka's trademark

take part in running competition


make no 5 shape

act like want to gaduh
our sir laugh for each other

wear baju2 yg meriah

take a risk by snapping picture in the assembly
get people attention by wearing striking same t shirt
style with sunglases in our head
sit in vvvip's table after majlis selesai

take picture with our handsome sir

bergambar style bebas

wearing kanak2 sunglases
laugh without limit

bullying innocent friend

proud to be iskandarian students

i'm wearing a striking tudung among them

proud wearing school uniform

promote baju kanak2

trying smile without show our teeth

take picture at bus stop

berlagak masuk wanita umno by wearing
red colour of baju kurung

take picture curi2 from the back class

going back to hostel happily

landing di atas padang sekolah tanpa rasa malu

take pic with bekas minuman kosong

i miss all of my friends,teachers,school,hostel,and the memories very badly

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